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Front End Engineer

Job description

At Esanjo we create, build and invest in beautiful technology businesses. We're working on a number of interesting projects including Lochal (where we build consumer product for everyone else), Lunatap (an easy way to use Stripe in the real world) and a bunch of others!

Esanjo has a single HQ location out of Dubai, with the rest of the team spread out globally, remotely. By choosing to work with us, you're taking a decision to joining a highly productive, ambitious team where independence and flexibility are basic requirements whilst recognising that change is life's only constant. We deeply value being able to strike the right balance between work and life as we’re in this for the long haul. 

Engineering at Esanjo

Our Product and Engineering teams combine design, frontend and backend. Whilst specialisation is important, we prefer cross functional teams that can take on any area of our product, at will. Our most effective people work across design and implementation, making the best technology decisions to build incredible products.

We aim to strike a balance between skilled senior engineers together with aspiring junior engineers, eager to develop their skills. We prefer not to hire directly into people management roles for our engineering teams and choose to grow individuals from within our organisation. Career progression doesn't necessarily mean managing people as our senior engineers influence far more than just engineering decisions.

We strongly believe that Esanjo is the right place to carry out career-defining work.

As a Front End Engineer, you will:

1. Design, build and manage scalable applications

2. Contribute to our frontend architecture as we grow while recognising the importance of agility, stability and availability

3. Build, support and manage projects across the organisation

4. Work with an agile, globally distributed team and be able to harness constructive feedback

5. Be proud of what you work on, while obsessing about the quality of what you produce

6. Have regular opportunities for career growth. We have a bias towards internal promotion into leadership roles

You'll experience what it is like to work in a fun, entrepreneurial and fast paced technology business.


A Front End Engineer should:

1. Have a BA or a BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent

2. Ideally have five years of software engineering experience; dedicated experience with React, React Native, React.js or similar frameworks would be a massive plus! 

3. Possess in-depth experience with primary React constructs and ideally having implemented them in large scale commercial projects

4. Be familiar with modern front-end build pipelines and tools

5. Have prior experience in a test driven development environment and architecting large applications

6. Ideally have experienced building and deploying React Native based mobile applications to both Play and App Stores.

7. Ideally have experience in working and integrating with a variety of APIs and RESTful style services

8. Ideally have previous experience in a startup or an established e-commerce business

9. Be creative, innovative, ideas and data driven

10. Be able to take on lots of responsibility, juggle deadlines and push for outcomes
11. Be able to work fluidly in a dispersed team 

12. Have great written and verbal skills in English

13. Deliver no matter what it takes

14. Be lots of fun to work with!


A Front End Engineer will receive:

1. Work from anywhere, around the world

2. Unlimited leave & flexible working hours

3. Competitive, tax-free pay! (varies by region)  

4. Incredible co-workers (yes, really!)

5. Solid remote working benefits (which we're always updating)